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Individual Tour with private car: Dr Monika and Christian Klarhoefer, Germany (Wolfsburg), May 2010

Belgrade, Topola (The Royal complex), Zica, Studenica and Sopocani Monasteries, Devil's Town (Kursumlija), Nis, Gamzigrad - Felix Romuliana (Zajecar), Belgrade

Guide/Driver Zlatan Ilic was very good, well prepared and showed interesting views, according to our wishes, always in time. Activities were very interesting and informative, especially thinking of our interest in frescoes and buildings of monasteries, also in general themes. Guide the best you can get, he tried to explain everything patient way, he had good knowledge of everything. The journey made me feel very happy, Thank you, hvala ! Dr Monika and Christian Klarhoefer, Germany

Bemerkungen zur individuellen Serbien-Reise 20.-23.5.10 Lernidee

Mit der Durchführung der Reise sind wir sehr zufrieden.
Dies ist in erster Linie dem ausgezeichneten Reiseleiter Slatan Ilic zu verdanken
Slatan Ilic ist ein erfahrener Reiseleiter, kompetent und ruhig.
Er hatte gelesen, dass wir an der Architektur der Klöster und der Fresken-Ausmalung der Kirchen interessiert sind und hatte sich bestens vorbereitet, so dass er uns überall gut informieren konnte. Er hat überdies immer die Leute, die in den jeweiligen Klöstern oder anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten die Aufsicht führten, gebeten, uns etwas zu erzählen.
Von sich aus hat er uns vorgeschlagen, noch weitere Klöster, die in der Nähe unseres Weges lagen, zu besuchen, auch wenn sie nicht im Reiseplan standen. So haben wir viel Schönes erleben können. Dafür sind wir ihm dankbar.
Wolfsburg, den 24.5.10
Monika und Christian Klarhoefer, Germany

Studenica Monastery

Individual Tour with private car: Dr Warren and Donna Wilkins, USA (Peoria, IL), May 2010
Moravski Konaci (Velika Plana), Koporin Monastery, the Royal complex at Oplenac (Topola), Vracevsnica Monastery, Ovcar-Kablar gorge , Nikolje Monastery, Zlakusa with "Terzica Avlija", Mokra Gora, Raca Monastery, Valjevo, Beograd (Skadarlija).

Our driver/guide Zlatan was wonderful. And, yes, we did enjoy visiting the monasteries. We look forward to retuning sometime in the future now that we know a little about Serbia.
Donna and Warren, USA

Donna and Warren
Mecavnik-Wooden town created by famous movie director Emir Kusturica (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001437/bio )


Individual Tour with private car: Aaron Brickman and Norman F. Brickman, USA (Washington DC)
Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci and Krusedol Monastery, Extended Belgrade City Tour
, May 2010

Zlatan is an excellent tour guide! We would definitely recommend him to others.
Aaron Brickman, Director of Invest in America "U.S. Department of Commerce"

jewish museum
Belgrade Jewish Museum

Individual Tour with private car: Brian Brown, USA (New York)
Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci and Krusedol Monastery, Extended Belgrade City Tour, April 2010

Zlatan -

I just wanted to thank you once again for a very enjoyable couple of days during my visit to Serbia.  You offered me a terrific perspective on Belgrade, Novi Saad, and Serbia in general that I certainly would not have been able to obtain on my own.  As you might have suspected, this whole part of Europe has held a lot of fascination for me - so I do appreciate getting perspective from people who live in this area. Thanks also for the delicious lunch.  I could easily tuck into Serbia cuisine!
Best regards-
Brian Brown , April 2010

Belgrade- Skadarlija ( Bohemian quarter)

Individual Tour with private car: Liz Russell and Robert Mullan, Ireland (Dublin)
Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina
Belgrade, Topola (the Royal Complex), Ovcar-Kablar Gorge, Mokra Gora, Visegrad (BiH), Sarajevo (BiH), National park " Tara", Raca Monastery, Valjevo, Extended Belgrade City Tour, Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci and Krusedol Monastery, July 2010

Both of us love history, particularly 20th century European. Zlatan exceeded even our already-high expectations, making our trip to the Balkans probably the most memorable yet. His knowledge of the recent, complex history was so impressive - always objective he introduced us to eye witnesses of events in Belgrade and Sarajevo as well as providing second-to-none background details of this once troubled region. No matter what your interests, Zlatan will make your trip unforgettable
Liz Russell and
Robert Mullan, July 2010
Mokra Gora
Mecavnik-Wooden town created by famous director Emir Kusturica

Individual Tour with private car: Rabbi Samuel K. Joseph, PhD Professor of Jewish Education and Leadership Development, Hebrew Union College and his wife Mrs Dori Joseph, USA (Cincinnati, OH), July 2010

Yesterday, Thursday, was unbelievable. So was today, Friday. Thank goodness for our guide Zlatan Illic. From the beginning he wanted to make this journey of memory a success. He was bound and determined to mix Dori's roots story, with the Jewish story of the region, with the history and social studies of Serbia and the Balkans. He was, we were, amazingly successful. Without Zlatan's persistence we could not have done this. He is a wealth of knowledge and a gentle, kind man.

You found Dori's birth house and the family owners. We traced her history. We saw incredible Jewish sites. No one is better than you. Our warmest regards, Sam and Dori
Sam and Dory

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