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Individual Tour by private car: Patricia Red and Brendan Leslie ,London , UK

Iron Gates Tour - Serbia

Dear Zlatan

Patricia joins me in sending you warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks for the most wonderful day, which, already a week away, continues to be vivid and alive for both of us. Serbia touched me deeply last year and I knew I had to return, so it was with joy and a whole load of other emotions that I approached the day you had organised with Patricia.

The day that unfolded was beyond anything I could have imagined and beyond anything I can put into words. Patricia, again, shares these sentiments. We both felt very much "at one" with the land,  whilst marvelling at it and Patricia has left Serbia, as I did last year, with a longing to return. I'm sure we will return and we would, of course, be delighted to join you again for another trip. You made the day truly special and we both feel very privileged to have spent the day with you.

I've put together a few CDs for you as a small token of my appreciation for the day. The first contains songs I associate with lovely journeys in Ireland and Italy. The second has great songs and the third is a "Taste of Ireland". You said how much you enjoyed Lord of the Dance, so I hope you enjoy another evening of Irish music, which mixes with other cultures, but remains very traditional.

I'll post them to the office, if you would send the address, please.

Once again, Zlatan, thank you very much for a wonderful experience.

Every good wish.

Brendan Leslie

October 2012

Kapetan Misin Breg

Danube Gorge ( Captain's Misa's hill )


Individual Day trips by private car :Mr Frank Fleischer , Germany

-Day trip to Nis
-Vojvodona tour

Dear Zlatan,

        Thank you very much for organizing my weekend in Serbia very well. Injust a couple of days I got a very good impression of this wonderfulcountry visiting Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad. It was a great pleasure to have you as a very knowledgeable guide, having a plethora of background information of the past and present. It was very nice travelling with you.

        Frank Fleischer

May 2012

Waterfall Lisine

Watterfall Lisine

Individual Tour by private car:Wolfgang and Sirkka from Eastern Finland

-Belgrade tour
-Vojvodina tour
-Day trip to Nis , transfer to Sofia ( Bulgaria)

During our 3 night stopover in Belgrade, we really liked the tour to the Vojvodina in April 2012 and are very satisfied with Your services. Everything went smoothly and to our complete satisfaction. The tour showed us more of this beautiful country, than we could possibly expect.

Yours sincerely,

April 2012

Monastery Krusedol
Monastery Krusedol


Heritage Tour by private car: Linda and John Muller, USA


Thank you agian for all you did for us to make our trip to Serbia as successful as it was.

George had his friend Michael, who spoke almost no English, take us to the train in Bucharest. But he was extremely friendly and tried his best to communicate. It was rather fun getting to know about how he drove a large truck all over Europe. He waited with us for the train, which was almost an hour late arriving, and helped us into our sleeper car with all our luggage. He made sure we knew how to lock all three locks on the door so we felt safe.

Bosko was waiting, as planned, at the train station when we arrived in Timisoara. We first went to the Cathedral in Vrsac, where we met with a priest who had pulled records about John's family. He had a Baptismal Certificate for John's father, and information, which he copied, about John's grandparents' births, marriage, and even information about his grandmother's siblings' births. Needless to say, that made the whole trip worthwhile! The priest also told us where his grandparents had been living when his father was born, so we found that street, but could not identify the exact house. We then toured around the town and went up to the tower on the hill for a great view down over the city.

The priest also told us that his John's grandmother had been born in the nearby town of Duzine, so Bosko took us there the next day. We met with some local men, one of whom had a paper that told about the early history of the town. Bosko was able to translate it for us, so we found out that the town had been settled in 1837 by 187 Germans who had come to the area to farm. It established for us the fact that John's ancestors really were German, what we had always thought, but had no proof.

The rest of the two days went as planned. We especially enjoyed the Monastery where the Serbian kings had been coronated and the beautiful church where they are buried. The mosaics there are really incredible.
And I assume your husband told you that we met him at the Fortress in Novi Sad. That was a real treat.

We are so happy that you were our guide for the first two weeks on the cruise. It made all the planning by email so much more real.

Thanks again for all your help and friendliness.


Linda and John Muller


Septembar 2012

the Cathedral in Vrsac

The Cathedral in Vrsac

Individual Tour by private car: Joanne and Leon Malkin

Balkan Tour - 15 days

(Belgrade, Novi Sad, Topola, Mokra Gora), Bosnia and Hercegovina (Visegrad, Sarajevo, Travnik, Jajce, Doboj, Mostar, Trebinje), Montenegro (Kotor , Cetinje, Lovcen, Budva, Island" Lady of the Rock"), Albania (Tirana), Serbia (Nis , Soko Grad, Zajecar-Felix Romuliana, Rajacke Pimnice, Kladovo, Majdanpek Cave,Lepenski Vir, Golubac, Viminacium, Belgrade)

Dear Zlatan,
Here are some photos of our great trip with you. We have been thinking of how fortunate we were to have had you for our leader, and of the good care you gave us. Hope you can use some of these on your website. We saw some amazing sites and had many laughs together for which we will always be grateful. Stay well and hope we will meet again someday.
Best regards to Alina,
Joanne and Leon

Septembar-October 2012
Bridge over river Drina in Visegrad
( Bosnia and Hecegovina )

Monastery Zica

Monastery Zica, Kraljevo, Serbia


Individual Tour by private car:Emilio and Emilio Berny from Mexico

Day trips :
-Grand Belgrade Tour
-Vojvodina tour
-Day trip to Nis
-Sumadija tour

July 2012


Emilio and Emilio Berny

Traditional Serbian plum cake :).


Private tour (4 people) by minivan :Eileen Krichten with Betsy, Molly, and Judy from Jersey too :)

Heritage Tour + sightseeing of serbia, 7 days


Hello Alina and Zlatan -

We made it back home after a grueling 23 hours from the hotel in Belgrade to home in Pennsylvania (long layover in Frankfurt Airport).  I want to thank all of you – Zlatan, Alina, and Danijel for making our trip to Serbia such a wonderful experience.  I don’t have an email address for Danijel, so will you please forward this message along to him.

We had tried to keep our expectations low for the family history part of the trip – just walking in the streets of Odzaci would have been a meaningful experience. But we were delighted beyond belief when we found actual records of the ancestors we knew about and discovered several generations of whom we knew nothing at all.  Thank you Zlatan for your initial contact with Father Pfeifer which led to the next step and then to Sombor.  Thanks so much Danijel for getting us access to people, places, and records.  It may have been your language skills, your winning personality, or your good looks – but whatever it was worked great!  We were amazed at how we were welcomed and assisted by the people working in the records offices in Odzaci and Sombor.  I hope they realized from our excitement how much we appreciated their help.  And the experience of paging through those dusty old books was a highlight of
the trip!

Yes, we dropped a couple items from the itinerary, but that was the plan all along – to be flexible.  It wasn’t that we would not have enjoyed seeing Topola, Studenica, etc.  We actually love to visit old churches and religious sites, but our priority was to spend as much time as necessary in Vojvodina -  and Mokra Gora was a must too.   If we had another day or two, it would have been perfect.  Our last day in Belgrade was spent walking back to the fortress to see the Ruzica Church, shopping the street vendors, and having a exceptional dinner at  Lorenzo & Kakalamba.  Unfortunately we had to leave for the airport at 4am, so it was an early evening with just one bottle of wine.


Zlatan – I will certainly recommend your company should I ever have anyone ask me about travel to Serbia.  Feel free to give my contact information to any prospective clients who ask for references.

Alina – thank you for your patience and assistance during the two months or more it took to finalize an itinerary – and for taking time out of your day to join us at Danijel’s home.  It was so nice to meet your sweet little daughters.

Danijel – thank you so much for everything you did for us, especially the evening with your family.  Please tell them again how much we enjoyed the company, the food, the hospitality, and of course, the brandy.  And please let us know their address so that we can send them a little thank you gift.  Don’t forget us, especially if you get to the USA!

Good wishes to all of you!
( Betsy, Molly, and Judy from Jersey too)

September 2012


2012-09-28 Belgrade Fortress- Krichten with friends
2012-09-28 Belgrade Fortress-Eileen Krichten with family


Individual Tour by private car : Suzuki Kenichi, Tokyo, Japan

Balkan Tour - 8 days
,June-July 2012

Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Topola, Mokra Gora), Bosnia and Hercegovina (Visegrad, Sarajevo, ,Mostar, Trebinje), Montenegro (Kotor , Cetinje, Lovcen, Budva, Island" Lady of the Rock"), Croatia (Dubrovnik)

Zlatan was a professinal and friendly guide/driver. I enjoyed talking with him about the former Yugoslavia, including what actually happened in the region. This region is quite complex for foreigners to understand, but as I travelled with him, I gradually started to feel more and more familiar with the people and culture there.
Serbia is a country that is not well-travelled by Japanese or others, so I had not really known what to expect, but I found out that it has marvellous frescos in the Orthodox churches and is full of beautiful countrysides still left untouched.
It is still not easy to travel in the region on your own, so if you are interested in this area, I would recommend a trip with Zlatan so that you could get to know it from the insider's point of view.

自分が必要な旅パーツを手配してもらうのが一 番かと思います。参考までに、
ブログ: http://ameblo.jp/ken-elt  

Suzuki Kenichi, Visegrad
Bridge over river Drina in Visegrad ( Bosnia and Hecegovina )

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