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Individual Tour by private car: Philip & Angela, Germany

Iron Gates Tour - Serbia

Hello Zlatan,

Here you find the two pictures.
The third one is one of the best of the day, perhaps you like it too.

Thank you again for this nice day, we really enjoyed it! The landscape is very
beautiful and also our historical knowledge increased!

We really reached Podgorica on time and are now in Kotor.

Philip & Angela

April 2014

Iron Gate
In front of the stone carved head of Decebal on Romanian side of the Danube..


Individual Tour with private car: Patricia & Neil Mannolini , Perth, Australia

Serbia and Bosnia Tour - 13 days

Dear Zlatan,

We are spreading the "good news'' about a tour of Serbia, but I have made a bad mistake; I unfortunately deleted the latest version and actual tour that we enjoyed, and retained a copy of the original one that did not include Sarajevo. (You know of course that Patricia is far more competent than me! ).

My request is that you email me a copy of the final/actual tour that we ejoyed so much.

Appreciate your doing this for me......I'm sure you will get requests for a repeat tour from at least one or two of our friends.

Greetings, Patricia & Neil

May & June 2014


Pat & Neil
Iron Gates-Danube gorge

Individual Tour by private car:Mrs. Siguenza and friends from Madrid ,Spain (5 people )

Iron Gates Tour
Vojvodina tour
Grand Belgrade tour

Hello Zlatan:
We are back to normal life. It´s tough to get used to it.... Specially after those nice days that we have enjoyed in your country.
Everything was perfect. The opportunity of learning about your history, culture, people has been great.
Thank you for everything!
Best regards and the best for you, for your family and for your country!
My husband adds "and for your business" ;)

May 2014

Video testimonial watch here :

Mrs Siguenza & friends

Fortress of " Golubac "


Individual Tour by mini van :, 7 people , Aman, Jordan

Iron Gates Tour - Serbia
Vojvodina tour- Serbia

Dear Zlatan ,
Many thanks to you ,

Sincerely Yours
 Firas Abu-Hayyeh
General Manager -Mutanabee Drug Store-Bettalife Group

Video testimonial watch here :

May 2014

Novi Sad
Novi Sad, Serbia

Small Canadian group from Toronto : (4 people) by minivan
( Bruce and Chikita Thomson, Evelyn and Glen Campbell)

Balkan Tour - 16 days

Slovenia (Ljubljana, Lake Bled), Croatia ( Zagreb, Plitvice, Split, Dubrovnik), Bosnia and Hercegovina (Mostar, Sarajevo, Visegrad) Serbia ( Mokra Gora, Sargan 8, Topola, Belgrade, Nis )Macedonia (Skopje, Monastery St. JOhn the Baptist, Mavrovo, Ohrid), Albania (Tirana, )

Video testimonial watch here :

September 2014
Monastery St. John Baptist
Monastery St. John the Baptist ( Macedonia )

Small Canadian group (4 people) by minivan

Balkan Tour 12 days
(Meteora, Thesaloniki, Pella), Macedonia ( Bitola, Galicica, Ohrid, St. Naum) Albania (Tirana, Shkodra), Montenegro ( Budva, Kotor ), Croatia (Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Zadar, Plitvice, Zagreb),Slovenia (Ljubljana, Lake Bled), Italy (Bassano Del Grapa )

Greetings Zlatan & Alina

Yes we did get home safe and sound and have been sleeping ever since......well until we got our hours changed around. Since being back we've had one bad spell of weather after another so we could say we are well into the winter season.

I'm including a few photos of our trip so Alina can see how hard you were working :)

We wish to thank you sincerely for arranging our tour of the Balkans and taking such good care of us. We certainly saw a lot in the short time allotted and enjoyed every part of the tour.
Hard to say what was our favorite part but Lake Ohrid and Kotor were certainly well worth the visit. One could spend a lot more time in all of the spots we visited.

The economy seems to be a bit rocky here in Canada as oil prices plunge and our dollar depreciates against the US currency. Maybe we'll just have to stay warm by the fire and enjoy the Canadian winter.

Our warm regards and best wishes for the holiday season....Paul & Kathy

October 2014
Bled, Slovenia
Bled lake, Slovenia

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