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Individual Balkan Tour by private car: Jin Pc and Derrick Goh

Greece, Albania, Macedonia-8Days
March 2016


We 1st engage Zlatan for our Serbia trip last Apr. As we were absolutely impressed with his guiding and services, we decided to engage him again this year for our trip in Albania and Macedonia. And he had to drive a long way from Belgrade to Aristi Mountain in Greece to pick us up so that we can commence our tour in Albania and Macedonia. Although he is a Serbian guide, he does know his way around these countries and also has contacts with the local guides where required. We have him to thanks for being such an excellent driver and bringing us safely from one place to the next. He is also always accommodating. I recalled an incident in Girokastra Albania whereby we forgot to settle payment our of room and he had to drive us back again and wasted 1.5 hrs and he never showed any displeasure although its entirely our fault for being so forgetful.

Will highly recommend his services for Serbia as well as the surrounding countries.
Visited March 2016

JIn Pc and Derrick goh

Rozafa Castle, Shkodra, Albania


Individual Balkan Tour by private car Matt Higgs

Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania ad Macedonia- 23 days ,March 2016

Dear Zlatan,

Thanks for your Balkan tour in March. You really helped me appreciate better the history and culture of the region and for your translation services. I was also really grateful for your help and suggestions in altering the itinerary when places were closed or flooded so thank you. You have great skill and devotion to your profession and I wish you all the best for your future




Kalemegdan Fortress
Iron Gates-Danube gorge

Individual Tour by private car:Mrs. Pernille and Erik Nielsen,Denmark

Topola Tour
Vojvodina tour
Belgrade city tour
August 2016


Thanks Zlatan! This is to thank you, and a recommendation to others who come to Serbia / Belgrade. We spent 3 days with Zlatan Ilic in August 2016 We had selected the following tours: • City tour - Belgrade Highlights • Excursion to Topola • Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci and Krusedol Monastery The whole time Zlatan was aware of our desires and needs, and everything went perfectly. Zlatan has an incredible knowledge of Serbia and the entire Balkan history, and this knowledge he shared with us on a very informative and inspiring way. We had 3 amazing days and in addition to the tours, Zlatan had admitted some surprises, for example. a visit to Belgrade's oldest cafe "Kafana Question Mark", a visit to a winery "Aleksander Estate Winery" and, not least, a visit to a farm "Ethno Selo" Americ "where life is lived as they did maybe 50 years ago. Besides these perfect guided tours, Zlatan also told us about how daily life is for ordinary Serbs, and this is probably the best thing about having a private guide as Zlatan - He answered all the questions you ask, and it was certain that he really wished that we got a good explanation and answers to everything. So when you come to Belgrade and need a guide, we can only give Zlatan our very best recommendations. He is the best guide you will find in Belgrade. English is not our normal written language, so sorry for any mistakes. With love to Zlatan Pernille and Erik Denmark


Bohemian Quarter Skadarlija


Individual Tour by car : Phd Patricia Niland from New Zealand ,

Balkan tour 12 days : Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia
September 2016

Dear Zlatan ,
Thank you , it was a pleasure having you as a tour guide, it was a trip of a lifetime.
Sincerely Yours
Phd Patricia Niland

Video testimonial watch here:


Phd Trish Niland
Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Serbia Tours by private car : Niall (Ireland) and MaryJo(Canada)

“Zlatan is the man!”
We were lucky enough to utilise the services of Zlatan Ilic for 3 days in our recent trip to Serbia (15/11 to 18/11/16).
He was punctual, polite, fummy, incredibly well-informed and unbelievably attentive. For him the client comes first and foremost and he will do everything humanly possible to give satisfaction.
A very tall imposing man, he is in fact extremely gentle and slows down for pigeons on the road!!!
We loved him and our trip to Topola was particularly outstanding - the abandoned swimming pool of the last king of Serbia King Peter 1 had a Gatsbyesque poignancy to it (only a guide can get you there!).
Highly recommended. Here is my favourite picture of our days with Zlatan. 
He's the tall one on the left!

November 2016
Neill and me
Monastery St. John the Baptist ( Macedonia )

Individual Tour by private car : Matthew Moore from USA
Vojvodina tour
January 2017

Video testimonial watch here:

Novi Sad Catedral
Novi Sad Catedral, Serbia

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