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Zlatan Ilic

Languages: English, German, Italian and some Romanian and some Greek

Mothertongue: Serbian, Croatian..


My name is Zlatan Ilic and I am one of the company founders.
I have been working in tourism all my life, both in Serbia and abroad.
This has not only allowed me to travel the world and marvel at its beauties, but also to understand how my own country, Serbia, perfectly fits in the "big puzzle" of sights, sounds and experiences of the world... what makes it unique and worthwhile to discover by foreign guests.

This is what inspired me to become a licensed local guide in 2007 and start introducing my country to others. I have since organized and led sightseeing trips in Belgrade and Novi Sad, day trips out of these two cities as well as longer itineraries throughout Serbia.

My specialty, however, are custom made multi-country tours encompassing the whole Balkan area – and I have led may individual travelers as well as small groups through Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and of course, my beloved Serbia.
I have a very “hands on” style when it comes to creating, organizing and leading private tours throughout Serbia and the Balkans.
I like to keep an eye out for that little something extra that will make your trip a unique and unforgettable experience: a traditional meal in a typical Vojvodina “salas” restaurant, a home-stay with a hospitable family in Central Serbia, tasting “prsut" (prosciutto) ham in Montenegro, meeting a traditional craftsmen at his workshop in Bascarsija Quarter in Sarajevo, a horse show at the “Lipizza” farm in Slovenia, and many more.
It will be my pleasure to show you all this during your visit to the Balkans – see you soon!


Alina ILIC

Languages: English, German, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, Japanese, French

Mothertongue: Romanian


My name is Alina Ilic and I am one of the founders of Tours2Serbia.
I have been working in tourism for the last 17 years, both as a trip planner and organizer, as well as a tour guide and group escort. 
I have in-depth knowledge of the entire Central European and Balkan area due to the 12 years (and counting!) spent with a prestigious river cruise company as a tour director leading groups of American travelers along the countries touched by the Danube.
With Tours2Serbia, my expertise is put to good use in creating personalized trip itineraries for our customers, handling all correspondence, bookkeeping and tour operations as well as leading Romanian tours.
I look forward to meeting you in person!

Nikola Mikic

Language: German

Mothertongue: Serbian




Snezana Vuskovic

Language: French, Italian, English

Mothertongue: Serbian


Nenad Milanovic

Language: French, English

Mothertongue: Serbian


Daliborka Peric

Language: German

Mothertongue: Serbian







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